Monday, October 02, 2006

Takin' out that can of 'whup ass, red state style

In a front-page story, Saturday's New York Times reports that corporal punishment is on the rise in public schools. The article notes that, as a whole, fewer students are being paddled nationwide; the trend is confined to states in "rural parts of the South and the lower Midwest." Take a look at the map detailing which states make legal corporal punishment and which ones don't. What do you see?

Give up? Every state permitting corporal punishment went for Bush in 2004. The total number of electoral votes in pro-paddling states is 226, just 44 votes shy of the 270 needed to win the presidency. Not a single state that John Kerry carried permits corporal or capital punishment. Perhaps that will be the wedge issue in 2008 -- not only do Democrats want to take your guns, they're coming for your paddles. Egads!

I still remember the Chief Paddler, Assistant Principal Bill McKee, at my alma mater, Lakeside High School in Atlanta. He boasted a nice level swing with his air-holed model (for better aerodynamics, naturally), which he made you sign after he whacked you. Had my rear been a baseball, I would have been a line drive off the right-center field wall.

And a lot good it did . . . yes sireee!


Heather said...

I hate to be that annoying former student who corrects her professor...BUT, you have a slight typo in the second paragraph when saying "capital punishment" instead of corporal punishment...

Perhaps I'd have a much bigger problem with this subject if it were capital punishment!

Otherwise, my Torts Professor actually sent us this article in an email over the weekend. I wasn't shocked about the article itself. I actually really liked that the students could choose between the corporal punishment and other options that don't include a paddle. It's all about choice...isn't that what the Dem's keep saying? : )

I also went to a school until 3rd grade that had and enforced paddling rules (Calvary Baptist in Lansdale, Pa). However, I was never paddled in school...the deterrence fear factor worked on me!

Gregg Ivers said...

Fixed . . . Kerry didn't carry a single state that permits capital or corporal punishment.

Nice glam shot. Where do I get one?