Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fake or real headlines?

The following headlines are in newspapers and magazines this week. Some come from The Onion and others from Newsweek, The Washington Post and other conventional news sources. See if you can guess which headlines are "fake" and which are "real."

"Newt on His Knees"
"Daylight Savings Time Earlier"
"Security Concerns Dominate Bush's Trip"
"Russia Seeks Control at Institute"
"White House Adds Eight Inches to White House Fence"
"Actress's Abortion Written Into TV Show"
"Poll Finds Guliani GOP Favorite"
"Curried Rice Krispies"
"Ever Wonder What Iraqis Find Funny?"
"Richard Nixon Makes It to Broadway"
"NHL Signs Broadcast Deal with the Food Network"
"Unlock Your Unexplored Psychic Powers"

Have fun!

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