Monday, March 05, 2007

Is Ann Coulter a lesbian?

Wow! Is Ann Coulter on a roll or what? Just like it wasn't over for the boys at Delta House after Blutarsky reminded his fraternity brothers, saddled with double-secret probation and threatened with expulsion, that it wasn't over for the United States after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, Ann Coulter just picks up more and more steam with every idiotic utterance she makes. And given her track record of moronic statements, that is no easy feat.

I cannot for the life of me understand the appeal of Ann Coulter. Are conservatives so thrilled to see a woman wearing something other than a purple Land's End jacket or a red sweater with snowflakes over a white turtleneck that their sexual repression gets the best of their reasoning ability? Or do they really just believe the drivel that comes rolling off her tongue with such ease?

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, Coulter referred to former North Carolina senator and declared Democratic presidential nominee John Edwards as a "faggot." No one has any idea what prompted Coulter to make these remarks; then again, talking racist, homophobic and sexist smack, along with short black cocktail dresses, is Coulter's entire act. Coulter's remarks came right after Milt Romney, the ex-Massachusetts moderate Republican governor now positioning himself as the conservative's conservative, addressed the audience. Just before ending his speech, Romney said, “I’m happy to learn that after you hear me, you’re going to hear from Ann Coulter. That is a good thing.” Romney then joked, “I think it’s always very important to get the views of moderates.”

Ha-ha. Chuckle-chuckle.

Poor Ann seems particularly concerned with gay men and lesbian women. This isn't the first time she has "outed" people who are, by all accounts, straight but not narrow. I don't think John Edwards will be confused with Ted Haggard (about whom Ann had nothing to say) anytime soon. Hmmm . . . perhaps Ann is a lesbian. After all, she seems quite eager to prove that she's not. And you know what that means.


Carlos said...

I have a four letter word I could use to refer to Ann Coulter. It won't get me sent to rehab, but it will probably get me kicked off blogger.

Carlos said...

Not that I'm defending her, but this guy is:,8599,1596427,00.html

Another perspective can never be bad thing.