Monday, March 12, 2007

Like, you so cannot join our sorority!

Like, in the New York Times this morning or whatever, there is, like, this article about how, like, this sorority at DePauw University in Indiana or something, so totally expelled almost two dozen girls from its chapter because, like, they weren't pretty enough or, like, skinny enough, or, like, just not cool enough. And then, like, the chapter and, like, its national office, so did not tell the truth about what they called, like, a reorganization or something? Can you, like, so believe that in this day and age or whatever?


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Kent Dorfman (a.k.a. Flounder) said...

I seem to recall a time many years ago when a somewhat eccentric man whom we both know well was hired to be the head of a national fraternity. He most likely would have done acts as unspeakable as this, if not worse!

Among other things, there are witnesses who claimed that he played drinking games with his underaged son and defaced his college yearbook in ways that will remain unspoken.

Thanks goodness things weren't so politically correct back then!