Friday, March 09, 2007

No apologies required

In the last ten days or so, Barack Obama and John McCain have apologized for saying publicly that the 3,000 + American soldiers who have died in Iraq "wasted" their lives for a bungled war. Obama and McCain come at the Iraq issue from very different perspectives -- Obama has opposed the war from the beginning, while McCain has said that the Bush administration has bungled and mismanaged the war and argued most recently for an escalation of American troops to bring order to the chaos that is now Iraq.

Either way, neither senator owes the public an apology for saying what is true -- American lives, as well as the lives of soldiers from other countries and the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of civilians have been wasted in the Iraq war. The Iraq war has been an utter failure, and at least Obama was bright and courageous enough to see the end result before it started. And McCain? So much for the Straight Talk Express . . . needing to satisfy the right-wing of the Republican Party, McCain has been all over the map, endorsing creationism, re-establishing his bona fides on abortion (he's against it almost always) and throwing red meat to the "Hell, yeah, let's turn the Middle East into a parking lot" armchair generals that never met a war they didn't like.

Neither Obama nor McCain owe the public or anyone else an apology for saying what is and has been true since the beginning -- Iraq is a disaster. Time to say it loud and proud.

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