Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another disgrace at Walter Reed

This morning's Washington Post features another tour de force from reporters Dana Priest and Anne Hull on the disgraceful treatment and care of physically and psychically wounded Army members by the Walter Reed medical facility. In this installment, Priest and Hull tell the story of 1st Army Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside, who was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder at Walter Reed. Her doctors told her Army superiors that Whiteside was suffering from a legitimate and very real psychiatric disorder. Officers countered that Whiteside's alleged problems were just an "excuse" for her uneven and, at times, disruptive behavior. Like their previous stories on the Walter Reed debacle, Priest and Hull practice meticulous, truly investigative reporting, a practice all too rare by a mainstream media that is too afraid to challenge the status, lest they fear their friends in places of high power.

We'll see if anyone steps into help Whiteside. If nothing else, another embarrassment for Walter Reed might motivate someone in Congress or the bureaucracy to score political points and help a troubled young woman in the process.

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