Monday, December 03, 2007

The inevitable decline of the inevitable candidacy of Hillary Clinton?

Just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton was reminding voters that this presidential campaign was all about the issues and not about personal attacks. In September, she scolded John Edwards for scolding her about how she raised money. Late last month, she criticized Barack Obama for criticizing her comments that appeared to support the Bush administration's approach towards Iran.

High and mighty was Hillary. Proud, preening and, as the establishment press decided, the "inevitable" Democratic nominee.

Looks like the Hillary-tanic is hitting its first real rough seas of her "textbook campaign," the one that "Washington insiders" -- from both parties -- had praised her for running so far. A Des Moines Register poll published yesterday shows that Hillary is trailing Edwards and Obama in the Iowa caucuses. The same poll also shows that Hillary is now second to Obama is support among women (31%-26%), having lost 18 percentage points in the last three weeks or so.

So how has Hillary chosen to fight back? She questioned Obama's "character" over the weekend, a week after she said he doesn't have the necessary experience to be president. Obama is in the middle of his first term as a United States senator. Hillary Clinton is in the middle of her second term in the same job. Unless experience includes being married to the president, as Hillary was, the experience issue is a wash. And the kind of experience Hillary had in the White House isn't the type of stuff on which to base a presidential campaign.

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