Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bill Clinton's bad behavior

By now, everyone in the world but Bill and Hillary Clinton realizes that the former president's red-faced, factually-challenged tirades against Barack Obama have done no one, least of all his wife, any good. I was going to offer my own comment about Bill's embarrassing behavior, but others have already done it, and done it better than me.

Read Washington Post columnist Colbert King's Saturday column here. Frank Rich's Sunday New York Times column is here.

"Billary" better dial it back a bit. Hillary is already an incredibly divisive politician, and, it seems, oblivious to the qualities that make her such a turn off to so many people. And it's not that she's an ambitious woman running for the president. The Clinton campaign needs to fold that card because it's not going to help her. Nor will the "35 years of experience" angle, since with the exception of her 7 years in the United States Senate, most of that time has been spent as a political spouse or as an attorney in private practice. Obama has more time in elected office than Hillary, but you'd never know it. Bill's battle with the public was over his ambition to be president, something that didn't bother me a bit. That's not a job you take if you just feel like it's your turn to mind the family store after Dad's retired. Look where that got the country. Hillary's different. Her sense of entitlement that it's her turn, that she's paid her dues and put in her time, that she's smarter than everybody else and has all the answers . . . none of this appeals to me in the least.

As for Bill . . . bleech! Off to a great start as an ex-president, he has morphed into a low-level attack dog that is unbecoming of a former holder of the nation's most visible and prestigious office. His not-so-subtle hints that he'll have a portfolio of his own in the Hillary White House brings back the "co-presidency" mentality that fell flat 15 years ago.

Bill and Hillary Clinton need to understand that sometimes it's not region, race or sex that puts people off. Sometimes it's just who you are.

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