Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dude, I told you to get me a Diet Coke, not Thai Stick!

Californians will soon be able to buy their medicinal hooch, I mean, cannabis, from vending machines, subject to security verification.

Dude, where's my car? And can we go to the In and Out Burger? Like, have you ever listened to "On the Run" from Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon like late at night in the dark with the balanced adjusted through only the left side of your headphones? Get your 'scrip and check it out!

And so the fun and games continue with America's most senseless and completely stupid form of prohibition. Too bad the government won't let medical authorities prescribe a 30 can suitcase full of Bud Light to help ease pain and alleviate other maladies. Oh, wait a minute . . . 7-11 doesn't take Blue Cross.

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