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A "fan" speaks up . . .

From time to time I receive rather "flattering" fan mail "complimenting" me for the witty, insightful, politically astute and iconoclastic pieces I post to my blog. Temped as I am to invite my sometimes and sometimes-not secret admirers for a cup of coffee or a nice lunch to find out what is troubling them so that they feel the need blame me for everything from their difficult childhoods to their car problems, I learned a long time to let these things go. Really, if it makes someone feel better and less likely to kick their own dog or scream at their kids because I'm available to call stupid, a sexual harasser, a "lightweight" scholar, an incompetent teacher, self-involved, biased, an atheist (okay, that one's true), pro-Saddam Hussein, a "closeted homo," and so much more, then by all means have at it.

The other day, though, I received a letter from someone I don't know. I'll give this person credit: at least he signed his name and apparently read what I wrote, although what he took away from what I wrote bore no relationship to what I actually wrote (bad sentence, I know). People read or hear what they want to read or hear, even if it's not what you said or wrote. I didn't correct any mistakes, and deleted his name. He didn't like what I wrote several months ago about the Jena Six controversy, and here is what he had to say:

Dear Prof. Ivers,

My name is [deleted]and I am a teacher who intensely followed both the Duke Lacrosse and Jena Six cases. Several months ago, following the exoneration of the Duke students, you contrasted the case with the Jena Six, claiming that if this had been poor, black kids accused of a crime rather than middle class white kids, the reaction would have been different. The white kids were exonerated because they could afford good lawyers versus the court appointed lawyers in the Jena case. This ignores many facts that made this case unique, including the true nature of interracial crime and double standards.

There are many aspects, according to Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson, authors of “Until Proven Innocent” that makes this case stand out vs. all others: DA who covered up DNA evidence that exonerated the accused; demonizing of the suspects as racist rapists and hooligans while inflaming audiences; thewhipping up of racial hatred to win a re-election; illegally rigging a line-up fora crime that never occurred; ignoring contradictory and exculpatory evidence from defense; lying to the public, defense, court and state bar; bullying defense lawyers and arresting witnesses. In no other recent case have these things occurred. You have to go back to the 1940s when white politicians whipped up racial hatred in the South for votes for such an egregious example of prosecutorial racial zeal. This belongs in a class by itself. When the State DA declared the suspects to be “completely innocent”, CNN Senior political analyst Jeff Toobin noted “Never before has a DA declared suspects to be completely innocent”.

For a first in American history, college professors viciously and racially attacked their own students in a matter unbecoming. Most crimes on campus result in either silence or a defense of the students. In this case, without any evidence, 88 professors, mostly from the black, gender and Marxist departments, took out an ad declaring the accused to be “white racist drunken males” , “given license to rape” while “hiding” behind their whiteness”. Acting more like a lynch mob than educators, they thanked the protestors “for not waiting”. Even when students were declared innocent, the “group of 88” refused to apologize and instead attacked their critics as “racists”. No such racial attacks occured in the Jena case during the trial. Only in the Orwellian world of campus politics is this possible.

The lacrosse team was, in the words of Wahneema Lubiano, one of the 88
signatories, “the perfect offenders…white, male and privileged.”

Racial vitriol was exploited by local black leaders, including the NAACP, the
Black Panthers, black organizations, Jesse Jackson
and many ministers. They joined in protests at the college, spewed hatred
towards whites at local meetings and radio shows, and, in one case, beat white students from Duke who dared to travel near the black campus of NCCU.. Even when all the evidence resulted in Nifong’s disbarment, a local black activist accosted one of the mother’s on court, screaming at how her son was guilty !

In a reversal when dealing with black defendants, the NAACP
demanded a “gag rule” be put on the accused and their attorneys while
claiming “DNA does not prove innocence”. Representatives demanded,
in an eerie similarity to the White Citizens Council, a “settlement that
was fair to black people. We don’t want it to look like a DA is taking the
word of whites over poor blacks.” Compare this rush to judgment with
their statements on Michael Vick and the Jena six. The civil rights movement had degenerated into a demagogic race hustle, promoting the very mindless racism they claim
to be against.

I am glad you brought up minority cases of rape in contrast to this one. The vast majority of interracial rape cases are black on white. According to the National Crime Victims Survey, while 30% of white rape victims reported a black perpetrator, 0.0% of blacks reported a white suspect. Jason Whitlock, an African American sportswriter from the Kansas City Star, wrote “ If the Duke Lacrosse players were black and the accuser white, everyone would easily see the similarities between this case and the alleged crimes that often left black men hanging from trees in the early 1900s…If this were 1940, an angry white lynch mob would gather at the scene of the alleged crime and threaten to dole out justice to anyone involved in the crime. In 2006, mixed race prayer vigils and protests were held (before any evidence came out), and black community activist pressured the DA while demonizing the players.” He was right. Of all the interracial rape that occurs, some 99.9% is black-on-white, according to the annual FBI crime report. In 2006, while 70% of white victims reported a white perpetrator, nearly 100% of black victims reported a black perpetrator. Since white on black rapes are nearly non-existant, it is interesting why this case garnered so much attention and racial demagoguery. Blacks are 115 times more likely to target whites for rape than vice versa; a horrifying rape and double murder occurred in Tennessee, in which the white victims were mutilated and burned by 6 blacks. Other rapes on college campuses occured at the same time as Duke, 6 of which were black or Hispanic on white. The eerie silence that greets such crimes from leftist professors, activists, black leaders and the media can be contrasted with the horrifying rush to judgment here when the case was reversed. If one closed their own eyes, and reversed white for black in this case, it could easily be a such a lynch mob story from the South during the 20th century. Half a dozen such rapes took place at college campuses at the same time as the alleged Duke rape. None resulted in a rush to judgment, media uproar, demands for arrest and suppression of evidence, a rogue DA demonizing the accused, or racial demagoguery that the lacrosse team withstood. That's what makes this case unique against all others, on par with the Scottsboro Boys. It is not a surprise that the two biggest rape hoaxes in recent American history have been alleged black on white rapes, which are non-existent: Tawana Brawley and the Duke Case.

The National media also made this case unique. Ignoring all other cases,
the media also rushed to judgment against the students, ignoring evidence
to the contrary and even defending Nifong. The NY Times was especially
egregious, as was many cable news stations.

Much was made of the fact that the defendants had money to fight the
charges. If a DA can drag innocent people into Court without a shred of evidence for a crime, anyone of us is vulnerable.
Moreover, it was precisely because of the defendants race and wealth which
explains why they were the victim of a witch hunt. Most rape cases are
dropped once a victim cannot identify suspects or changes her story, which is what
happened here! Nearly all charges are dropped when the DNA evidence comes back negative. Not so for the Duke students. They were targeted because, as one of the black professors claimed, “they were the perfect offenders…white, male and

Since you claimed that it would be worse if this involved a minority rape, let’s examine your claim. There was a rape at Duke. It occurred in 2007 at a black fraternity. In a mirror image of the lacrosse allegations, this involved a black on white assault. The police found cocaine, marijuana and oxycotin which, unlike
strippers, are illegal. No arrests were made and a proper investigation
was undertaken. What was the reaction in the media, the DA, the faculty,
black activists, the NAACP, student organizations, and other extremists
who whipped up so much fury against the white lacrosse team?


And that silence spoke volumes about the racial double standards, selective
moral outrage, political correctness and plain racism that infects both our
universities and society.

We know how this ended. The case collapsed like a deck of cards. Nifong was disbarred and jailed. The university made a half hearted apology, while the professors continued to deny any responsibility. Most of these professors continued to operate in their bubble world of “white racist oppressors” versus “nonwhite victims”, while still crudely stereotyping white men. While many in the media corrected their mistakes, black leaders and race “deconstructionist” commentators continued to demonize or dismiss them as “rich, white boys” (ignoring the fact that they were targeted for those exact reasons, or the unique situation behind this case, such as the mass covering up of evidence, the racial inflammation, etc.). The sad and tragic fact seems that the civil rights establishment, once courageous, had degenerated into a demagogic race hustle in this case, promoting the mindless racism they claimed to have fought against. The entire saga was crystallized in Stuart Taylor’s and KC Johnson’s book “Until Proven Innocent”.

This case can be contrasted to the one in Jena. Unlike the Duke case, a violent crime actually occured here. Despite the misinformation and outright falsehoods promoted around the incidents, no one disputes that 6 black kids “cold cocked” a white kid and beat him as he was unconscious on the ground. The entire situation behind the arrests and prosecutions have been distorted as many members of the media ran for cover during the universal racial demagoguery of the town. If this was reversed, I doubt we would have seen 20,000 protestors come out for justice for the perpetrators. In fact, we would have seen marchers demonizing the protests and exercising a double standard, demanding that they be charged with a hate crime. It is disturbing that when the alleged perpetrators are white (as in Duke), the protesters and black leaders come out universally against the perpetrators. When the case involved black perpetrators and white victims, the protests were in favor of the perpetrators. One can argue about what they were charged with, though when it involves white on black crime, black leaders demand the book be thrown at the criminals (as at Duke, where demands were made for putting them in jail for 30 years). That's what makes the Duke case unique and far

[Signed and deleted]

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