Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John McCain's amnesia

Read Mark Benjamin's piece in Salon today on John McCain's carefully packaged campaign to convince voters that he was "right all along" in his support for the Iraq war.

What exactly makes John McCain a "maverick" when he is a down-the-line conservative Republican? That he doesn't want to execute then deport every illegal immigrant? That he believes the surge, which led to the deadliest year in the Iraq war, is somehow "working?" Working for what end?

This nonsense drives me crazy . . . just like Hillary's "experience."

UPDATE: See Adrian Wooldridge's Op-Ed, "Mr. Right," in Thursday morning's New York Times. He isn't persuaded by McCain's "maverick" reputation for the simple reason that he isn't much of one.

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Todd said...

The definition some Republicans might give for "maverick" when describing McCain would be "one who is self-important, self-promoting, self-righteous and has a penchant for attacking other Republicans to get fawning coverage by the news media." Some would say that, but not all. A few would also disagree strongly with your labeling him a "down-the-line conservative." Others would ask why his views "mature" (on tax relief, the 2nd Amendment, etc.), but other candidates are "flip-floppers." That what's some say, others say it isn't nice to pick on the elderly.