Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Hillary-ology

Seems that I'm not alone in my belief that Hillary Clinton is not quite the greatest person ever to run for president . . .

Ron Rosenbaum has a perceptive piece in Slate on Hillary's Nixon tendencies. Rosenbaum found Paul Krugman's column on Barack Obama's "cult of personality" campaign and his allegation that the Illinois senator's operatives are running a "Nixonian" smear effort against Hillary just as baffling as I did. Rosenbaum has a much less flattering opinion of Hillary's career in public life, which, outside of her eighteen years as a political spouse and a term and change as a United States senator, consists of time on the House committee charged with investigating the Watergate break-in and cover-up in 1974.

Slate's editors also wonder if Tracy Flick, Tom Perotta's memorable character in his novel, "Election," was based on Hillary Clinton. Most people know "Election," as the movie starring Matthew Broderick as a popular social studies teacher who decides to "fix" a high school election for class president by subverting the perfect campaign of Tracy, played perfectly by Reese Witherspoon.

Here's an interesting, although badly flawed and hyperbolic essay on Hillary's Scarlett O'Hara complex by Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell. I think there's a lot wrong with Harris-Lacewell's argument, but I do understand why black women are offended by the suggestion that, by allowing race to trump gender, they are abandoning women by supporting Obama.

More tomorrow.

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