Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A guide to the Democrats delegate mess

Confused about the discussion over delegates vs. superdelegates in the Hillary-Obama race? This handy guide should help.

Hillary can claim all she wants that Obama was brainwashed in pre-school by crazy Arab sheiks, or that his presidency will result in presumably thousands of dead children attacked at 3 a.m. by terrorists who view an Obama administration ripe for the pickings, or that he steals speeches from his friends. In the end, the numbers do not favor her. Unless she blows Obama out in almost every remaining state (23% points or more), she will not catch him in popularly elected delegates. Using superdelegates to overturn the popular will is a very risky strategy, but not something beyond her playbook. Unable to beat Obama by running a positive campaign, Hillary resorted to what she and her advisors know best, and that was to tear her primary opponent apart by bringing up one thing after another that simply doesn't matter. That will continue.

I simply don't agree with the conventional assessment that a protracted fight between Hillary and Obama is good for the Democrats. Hillary's insistence on plowing on is not about getting her voice "out there" on the issues. It's an act of selfishness bordering on the homicidal. From this point forward, she won't be running to enlighten the electorate about health care, foreign policy or anything else. Hillary will rip Obama to shreds; John McCain will enjoy it all; and, come November, the Democrats, should Hillary subvert Obama's trajectory, might be wondering what all this accomplished.

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