Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pat Buchanan rewrites history -- again

Here we go again . . . the Pat Buchanan show, still crazy after all these years.

Over the weekend, Pat Buchanan reminded so many people why, despite his annually renewed membership card as a Washington pundit in good standing, this guy is an unredeemable, complete, just-add-water, asshole.

Upset by Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's remark that the Democratic presidential contenders mirrored the demographics of America (including departed candidates such as Bill Richardson) while the Republican candidates were all over-50 white males who looked like the 1950s and talked like the 1850s, Buchanan commented to Tucker Carlson (whose rise to the top ranks of the Washington pundit class is Exhibit A that ours is not a merit system) that he was "offended" by the beating that white males take in the "liberal media."

And then he said . . . this:

"I am offended by this. Look, what did white males do? OK, they were the only guys signing the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, all the dead at Gettysburg, all the dead at Normandy. Why is it . . ." (emphasis added).

For the record, white men were not the only people who died at Gettysburg, Normandy, Atlanta, Paris, Berlin, Saigon or any town city or country where American soldiers have given their lives in battle. African-American men died at far higher rates than white men in Vietnam, a war that Pat Buchanan thought and still thinks was a good idea. White men are not the only people who have died, so far, in Iraq.

Buchanan's record of anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist and racist comments on the air, in print and any other venue that continues to give him a voice is long and extensive. Yet, and not inexplicably, he continues to appear on all the Washington gabfests, and his opinion is routinely sought out by reporters who like to interview other reporters about what people they haven't talked to or investigated are really thinking about matters they know nothing about.

Oh, and just two weeks ago, Pat Buchanan was on "Meet the Press," appearing as a panelist for his "friend" Tim Russert. Will Russert now demand of himself that he reject and refute Buchanan's latest offensive and racist comments? Or is all about just agreeing to disagree?

Can you imagine how quickly conservatives would be calling for a black journalist's scalp if one uttered something as stupid as this? Or how quickly Tim Russert would be demanding that Barack Obama or any other black politician "disassociate" himself from remarks like these? What are the chances that any black journalist with Pat Buchanan's rap sheet would even be invited to appear on any of the babble-fests?

I'm sure there's a cute Saturday Night Live skit in there somewhere . . .

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