Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring break

1. Circle the most correct answer, write an essay explaining what the individual was thinking or choose (c).

a. New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, who made his public reputation as the state's crime-fighting attorney general, admitted to patronizing a prostitution service this morning.

b. Hillary Clinton said Friday that she and John McCain have crossed the "threshold" that qualifies them to serve as Commander-in-Chief. She said that someone would need to ask Barack Obama if he's qualified to join her and McCain on Mount Threshold. Although Hillary did not specify exactly what foreign policy experience qualified her to serve as CIC, it's clear that, in her view, she has the experience to keep our children safe from terrorists who would attempt to kill them at 3 a.m. Hillary has also said that Obama does not have the experience to serve a president. On the same day, Hillary told reporters that Obama would make an excellent vice-presidential running mate and, one can only presume, a fine vice-president, which means, one can only presume, that he would make a fine president.

I can only assume that the states would ratify a constitutional amendment, proposed by Hillary in her will, abolishing large parts of Article II of the Constitution, especially the clauses making the president the commander-in-chief and giving him the power to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. The nation cannot afford to have a hand-picked president of the former president exercising power that the former president said he was not qualified to have or carry out responsibly. Why would Hillary pick a vice-president who she said wasn't qualified to serve the office? This is a toughie.

(c) Go on spring break until Monday, March 17th and prepare for baseball season.

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