Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2008 Baseball Predictions

I'm a little late with this, but here are my predictions for the 2008 baseball season:

National League (Real Baseball)

N.L East

1. Phillies (hurts, but no choice)
2. Mets (after last year's collapse? onus is on them)
3. Braves (realism is the best form of idealism)
4. Nationals
5. Marlins

N.L. Central

1. Cubs (two in a row?)
2. Brewers
3. Reds
4. Astros
5. Cardinals (this team won the World Series two years ago?)
6. Pirates

N.L. West

1. Diamondbacks
2. Dodgers
3. Rockies
4. Padres
5. Giants (wrath of Barry Bonds)

American League (About which I could care less; I do this out of respect for the game)

A.L. East

1) Red Sox (Red Sox Nation will still find something to whine about; it always does)
2) Yankees
3) Blue Jays
4) Rays
5) Orioles (curse of Peter Angelos)

A.L. Central

1) Indians (not Charlie Sheen's team anymore)
2) Tigers
3) White Sox
4) Royals
5) Twins

A.L. West

1) Angels (strong bats offset everything else)
2) Mariners
3) Rangers
4 ) A's


Rob Kimball said...

A few notes on "Real" versus "American League" baseball.

The American League has prevailed over "Real" baseball in 61 of the last 102 world series

The American League and National League are relatively close in All Star game history. This demonstrates the ability of "real" baseball teams to prevail in meaningless exhibitions. However, since the All Star game gained any significance whatsoever in 2003 (thank YOU, Bud Selig...), the "Real" baseballers have been stymied (Actually since 1996, but who's counting?)

When "Real" baseball teams ran up against American League teams in 2007, the "Real" baseball teams had a record of 115-137

Now that that unpleasantness is behind us, your predictions are similar to mine. Except I have a lot more faith in the ability of John Maine to singlehandedly lead the Mets to victory.

The question then is, how many games will it take Boston to destroy the Cubbies in the World Series...

tres_arboles said...

Go Phils. I still like this blog, anyways.