Friday, April 11, 2008

Justice Scalia talks . . . .

and talks . . . and talks . . . and talks . . . to high school students in McLean, Virginia. Watch it here (via-CSPAN).

My favorite quotes:

"In my social views, which I do not apply from the bench, I am a fairly conservative fellow."

Of course you don't. Only liberals do that, right?

"You can murder anybody in the country and still not violate federal law, if you do it right."

Thanks for puttin' that out there.

No other country has a term like "un-American" to describe their citizens' behavior, thoughts or action that counters prevailing norms.

Here's my question: what exactly does it mean to be "un-American?" I've never understood that one. I mean, I know what it means (having long hair [if you're a guy], smoking pot or refusing to wear a flag lapel [in a country that respects freedom of belief and freedom against compulsory belief]). But I can't quite figure out what it means, if you know what I mean.

Or does that make any sense?

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