Monday, May 05, 2008

Hillary's gax tax amnesia

In 2000, during the last year of his two terms in office, President Bill Clinton resisted calls to reduce or eliminate the federal gas tax for the summer vacation season:

"The problem I have with it, apart from what it might do to the Highway Trust Fund and the spending obligations that have already been incurred by the acts of Congress, the budgets, is that I'm not sure that the savings would be passed along to the consumers."

So now Hillary Clinton supports a federal gas tax holiday as a means of putting money back into drivers' pockets. Not a single economist who has been asked about this proposal has endorsed it, with most concluding that gas tax holiday is just an election year gimmick. Do you think a mainstream reporter will ask Hillary anytime soon about her switch from 2000? Do you think Hillary will admit that her husband was wrong?

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