Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's over

Barack Obama is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. From this point forward, nothing will change in the respective positions of the two candidates. Obama will end the primaries with a lead in the popular vote, states won and delegates pledged. Superdelegates, who have broken for Obama by near 8-1 margin in the last two months, will have no choice but to follow the natural outcome of the primary process or risk further damage to an already weakened party.

Someone in Democratic party hierarchy . . . Howard Dean, Al Gore, Jon Stewart . . . someone . . . has to tell Hillary it's over.

Naturally, the attention has focused on Obama's "problem" with white working class voters and not Hillary's pathetic showing among African-American voters garnering only about 6-8% of the black vote in North Carolina and Indiana. I'd like to see this headline: "Obama takes North Carolina; white working class voters continue to struggle with the idea of a black president."

Don't think we will . . .

Wonder what the Clinton spin will be tomorrow morning? That North Carolina doesn't count because too many argula-munching black nationalist college educated homeowners who live in or near college towns live there? That only Indiana counts because Hillary won it . . . barely. And that since Indiana is so close to Illinois, Obama should have to forfeit Illinois, which borders Wisconsin, so he should have to forfeit that, too, and any other state that touches or is related to that state or any other state or any state of mind or state of disrepair.

It's over. Even the Clintons have to know that.

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