Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The white house will always be a white house, won't it?

Barack Obama, who was subjected to no small amount of racially directed and, at times, flat-out racist attacks by the Hillary Clinton campaign, has been urged by Clinton's supporters, various Op-Ed heavyweights and elements of the Washington punditocracy to give a speech deploring the sexist treatment to which, they suggest, Hillary was subjected.

Strange. An African-American man who endured a classic Southern low-road campaign largely at the behest of the Clintons is now expected to "speak out" against sexism. Funny . . . no one manned the torpedoes to demand that Hillary speak out against racism or give a speech rejecting the votes from people who admitted they would not vote for a black man. Makes sense to me, since we all know that America has racism licked, as the clever little button above tells us. Read more here about the vendor who sold these buttons at a recent convention of the Texas Republican Party, which, to its credit, sent the guy packing.

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