Friday, September 26, 2008

Advantage . . . Biden

Okay, okay, okay, so Joe Biden "misspoke" when he told reporters that F.D.R. reassured a nervous nation on television after the nation's stock markets crashed in October 1929 that we had no need to fear the lack of fear that fear instills in nervous people, who can only fear fear when it is fearful. Naturally, the mainstream media had fun with ole' Joe, retreating to the conventional wisdom that the Delaware senator talks too much and would benefit from an occasional deep breath and solicitous pause to think before he rewrites history or talks about a recent visit to a deceased constituent . . .

and forgets to attribute his comments to Al Gore.

The truth is that Biden, by "misspeaking," was honoring the campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who "misspoke" repeatedly throughout her campaign, only to have such small matters as her concern for voiceless "white voters" and her and her daughter's James Bond-like daring-do to hammer out an agreement between displaced soccer officials in Bosnia treated blown way out of proportion, as if a Clinton would ever do anything like that.

All you need to do is read between the lines, wherever those lines might be.

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I just watched Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin. I stopped laughing about 2 minutes into the 8:10 long segment after I realized that she could be president of the United States. I wanted to start crying, but I was in a strange place . . . somewhere between laughing and passing out from shock. Never in my voting lifetime have I ever seen someone so spectacularly unqualified to run on a presidential ticket. Dan Quayle, Palin's closest competitor, was out of his depth, for sure, when President Bush I chose him in 1988. But Quayle, contrary to what many of his detractors believed then (and probably still do) wasn't stupid. I had several friends who covered him here and there during the 1988 campaign, and a couple spent time with him after he became vice-president. Not one told me that he resembled the dimwit that Democrats had worked so hard to portray him as once they spent a little time with him. No, he wasn't a Mensa candidate. But so what? Most people aren't.

Palin is a different story. It wasn't just viewers who couldn't figure out what she was talking about. I don't think Palin understood a damn thing she said. If she did, that's even more frightening.

You can watch the interview here.

Joe Biden has some breathing room now. Hell, he can talk all he wants about Abraham Lincoln's strikeout of Hank Aaron when he threw out the first ball of the 1796 MLB season all he wants and still . . . still come nowhere close to Palin's interview with Couric.

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