Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The culture war of elections past

Just when I thought Sarah Palin was the Flight Attendant From Hell, I thought about it a little bit more and realized that she's really . . . Pat Buchanan reincarnated.

No, she is. Really.

Hold your nose and watch Pat Buchanan's infamous "Culture War" speech from the 1992 Republican National Convention that sent mainstream Republicans running for the exits and compare against Sarah Palin's "Barack Is A Terrorist Who Wants to Raise Your Taxes" speech Monday in Clearwater, Florida.

See a pattern here? Ever see Pat Buchanan and Sarah Palin in the same room? Did anyone ever see Bruce Wayne and Batman together?

There you go.

And, by the way, Barack Obama is no longer being given the honorific "Senator Obama" in the introductions to Palin's campaign appearances. He's now . . . Barack Hussein Obama. Bet you didn't see that coming, now did ya?

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