Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Drummed Out!

Last night, I competed in the 20th annual Drum Off competition sponsored by the Guitar Center, the national musical instrument store. I had my qualms about "competing" against players who I knew would be 20 years (at minimum) younger than me and full of powerhouse athletic chops. But my kids wanted me to do it, and my buddies in the drum department wanted a jazzer to round out all the heavy hitters.

I ended up finishing third, not good enough to advance. But it was a blast, and I got to see some incredible young players put on some amazing performances and meet some new friends in the drumming world.

And, yes, because my son recorded it, you can view it here, screw ups and all.

1 comment:

tres_arboles said...

What do you know...a lefty. Good on you for showing; and decent chops too.

Go Phils!