Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What does Joe Six-Pack want?

In case you were wondering if Barack Obama is a baby murdering Muslim, this photograph should dispel whatever doubts were left. Let's be careful. It might be taken out of context by the liberal media.

Remember one important distinction between this average American and Obama: He has never been nor is he now good friends with Bill Ayers and, for the sake of argument, has never worshipped in Jeremiah Wright's church. And unlike the nutcases on the abyss side of the democratic left, this fine gentleman isn't agonizing over whether we should spell woman with an "a" or a "y," or fretting about organic food production and the plight of caged chickens or milling about a hippie commune somewhere in search of free love or blaming America for the world's ills, including those we don't know about yet. He is simply a man of good and sincere character wanting to see our nation return to a simpler time that never existed, but one he thinks did because that's what he's heard in his church, a church that would never permit the kind of vile racism that is a requirement for Baptism in the Church of Wright.

And that's all that matters.


John said...

Unrelated to the above entry, I'm watching the debate right now. Did McCain just say that Obama voted against Justice Breyer? Hasn't Breyer been on the bench since '94? Slip of the tongue?

David Kaib said...

Yes, McCain did say that Obama voted against Breyer.