Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama . . . a man for our times

"Unbelievable" shouldn't be the reaction anyone has after hearing a speech from a president-elect or even a president of the United States. As the largest democratic nation in the world, we should expect our presidents to have a demonstrated intelligence, foresight, calmness and sophistication when speaking to Americans or to the world.

But after eight years of suffering through a president who is without a doubt the least capable man ever to hold the office, hearing Barack Obama address the nation just a few minutes ago highlights the startling difference between the new president-elect and his predecessor. How the hell did we end up in a position where we seem grateful that our president can speak the English language and use it to communicate an articulate, thoughtful and powerful vision? Another legacy left by George W. Bush.

Barack Obama has nowhere to go but up. He is, literally, following, in Bush, the worst president in American history. Just his ability to speak in complete sentences and demonstrate fluency in the important issues of our time is a major break from the past. Now is not the time, though, to vent about Bush, although I must add that anyone who thinks that history will "vindicate" him is a complete idiot -- or mentally ill. A brilliant, thoughtful man who sees the world as something beyond some mythical version of 1955 small-town America to which no one in their right mind would return. President Obama has arrived not a moment too soon.

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