Friday, November 21, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Don't listen to what anyone says -- the new James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace," is fantastic, in some ways even better than "Casino Royale" the first in the Daniel Craig-as-Bond-era, because the story line moves beyond the usual megalamaniac trying to take over the world or unleash a death ray on a major American city and sometimes London just to make a point. More so than any Bond movie, even dating back to "Dr. No," James is motivated to find and kill the people who killed his wife at the end of "Casino Royale," which was more powerful than Diane Rigg's death in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," largely because George Lazenby didn't play Bond the way that Ian Fleming created him -- serious, tough, not given to emotion or attachment and able to kill and walk away as if he just bumped into an old friend and shared some memories over some late afternoon tea and cookies. Craig's "Bond" is the closer to Fleming's Bond than any of the other Bonds that the previous actors played, including Sean Connery (my favorite, mostly for sentimental reasons) and Pierce Brosnan (excellent -- the best since Connery). The real Bond kills people with his bare hands, not trick watches and invisible cars, and Craig pushes to the fore Bond's violent nature and cold-bloodedness, yet makes you wonder if he's hiding something.

The movie is great. I think some of the opposition is coming from people who call movies "films" because they think it makes them sound like true patrons of the cinema, or what you and call "the movies." So what.


Jeremy said...

My opposition to it is that it Greene was an even worse villain than Le Chiffre from Casino Royale. He was weak, his sidekick was weak, and he wasn't threatening. Am I supposed to be scared of a guy because he's trying to own Bolivia?

And of course there was the HUGE missed opportunity to bring in a new SPECTRE. It's hinted at in the first scene - we have people EVERYWHERE! - but it's just a tease. We don't get anything else.

If the next movie does not introduce the new SPECTRE and put a formidable villain in place to head it up, I will be severely disappointed.

Rich said...

Well, your review has nothing on this:

Although, both lack a certain bombastic and egregiously unnecessary je ne sais quoi about them.