Friday, December 12, 2008


A dear, attractive and witty friend shared with me this morning the difference between an "Ugg Boot Girl" and a "Girl Who Wears Ugg Boots." Our exchange started after I sent her a picture of the most hideous Ugg boot ever . . . photographed by a friend who noticed it at a gig I was playing.

I offer her unauthorized and anonymous explanation:

A. Do I own Uggs? The answer is “yes.”

B. Am I a closet “Ugg Girl?” The answer is no. I believe the label “Ugg Girl” carries with it more meaning beyond being a ‘girl’ who owns a pair of Uggs. An Ugg Girl plans her outfits around the boots in question, and wears them on the outside of her pants to accentuate the inevitable bunching of the pants around the knees. Usually a “look at me, I think I am in Aspen on the slopes yet it is 50 degrees outside” ensemble is worn at the same time, and the boots are not worn for the purpose of keeping one’s legs and feet warm. An Ugg Girl wears her Uggs regardless of the weather, and can’t quite seem to pick up her feet when walking. She is often heard saying things like, “Um, like, whatever” and “I’m so over it.” She tends to “summer” in exotic places on Daddy’s dime, and can’t even tell you how much her Uggs cost because she can’t be bothered with those kinds of details. I am a woman who owns a pair of Uggs, and wears them in the thick of my New England winters when walking the dog (when the snow isn’t falling) and my pant legs cover them at all times. All that can be seen of my Uggs is my goofy looking gingerbread-man feet. I wear them solely for warmth factor. Ugg-ly? Yes. Warm? Hell yes!

C. Oh, and I’ve had the same pair for 4 years. Somehow I feel this takes me out of the trendy Ugg Nation. I hope this clears up my participation in the Ugg phenomenon.
Let the voters decide!

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tres_arboles said...

These girls are in the process of ruining real ugg boots for the rest of us reall ugg wearers!

As a surfer, I have always owned a pair of uggs. American surfers started bringing the original Uggs back from Australia after travelling there to surf became popular in the mid- to late-1960's.

For surfers, Uggs are not only reminiscent of Aussie life, they're practical. They're warm and easy to slip into (compared to shoes and socks) when you've been freezing your butt off shivering through a three-hour surf session in cold water.

And yet the tart set have made them a fashion item, and a weird looking, non-aesthetic one at that! Why couldn't they have stuck with Birckenstocks?