Friday, February 27, 2009

Max Ivers -- maintenance man

On the right, there's my son, Max (left), with his teammate, Parker Smith (right), cleaning up the ice at the Verizon Center Tuesday night during the Caps-Flyers game, while Mike Green, the Caps' 23 year-old star defenseman, waits for the face-off. The Washington Capitals have a program that allows four youth hockey players to assist the maintenance crew that maintains the ice during breaks in play. This is just one of many programs the Caps run as part of their community service program. The kids get to sit right on the glass behind the net during the game. Of course, the best part is the fourth row seat behind the glass that the Caps give to the parent-chaperone for taking time out of his busy evening to make sure the kids arrive at the arena safely.

Now this is precisely the kind of "work" my son is willing to do. So would I, if they let me. But they wouldn't. I even asked.

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