Thursday, March 26, 2009

The dumbest question ever . . .

asked by a "Washington correspondent" to an American president came earlier this week, when Anne Compton, a veteran broadcast "reporter" from ABC News, wanted President Obama to answer this little ditty:

"Has the last 64 days been a relatively color-blind time?"

If there is any doubt . . . ANY DOUBT . . . that the "journalists" who make-up the Washington establishment media live in a hermetically sealed bubble of privilege, cultural isolation and magnified self-importance, Compton's question seals the deal. Just to make sure that Compton's question was just as ridiculous as I thought it was, I did a bit of checking to see if she had ever asked Presidents Bush (II) or Clinton a similar question.

Nope. Nothing. Bupkis! Imagine if she had, though.

"President Clinton, do you think your first 64 days have been a relatively redneck-free time?"

"President Bush, as a descendent of one of America's whitest families -- the New England boarding schools, the Kennebunkport compound, getting out of your National Guard service because of your last name, the complimentary shipping from L.L. Bean, your people's obsession with tartan plaid and other fashion follibles that it look as if your living in a 1920s timewarp -- do you think your whiteness has affected your first 64 days in office?"

Point made. Now, for the funniest take on Compton's antics, watch this skit with Richard Pryor from 32 years ago, and see what should happen when white reporters ask a black president stupid questions about race.

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