Sunday, April 12, 2009

The thrill of victory

Put aside the noise about steroids, contracts, bad behavior, television announcers screaming at each other about steroids, contracts and bad behavior and you can still find plenty of reasons why sports are still great and maintain such a hold on American culture.

The Frozen Four championship game between Miami of Ohio, the tournament's lowest seed, and Boston University, the tournament's highest seed, was without a doubt the best college hockey game I have ever seen. It might also be one of the best hockey games I have ever seen at any level. Like everyone else, I thought Miami had it wrapped up after heading into the final minute with a two goal lead. Then BU scores two goals in the final minute, forcing the game into overtime. Once in overtime, BU took it right back to Miami, scoring the deciding goal about 8 minutes into the first overtime period. Yes, the goal was fluky. But when you come back like that everything can and does usually go your way.

Poor Kenny Perry. A two shot lead with two holes to play in the Masters, still the greatest golf tournament in the world, and he goes bogey-bogey to end in a three-way tie for first. Perry survives the first sudden death hole and then loses to Angel Cabrera on the second hole to squander what was probably his last real chance to win that tournament. Years ago, I met Kenny Perry when I was invited to a party by a family that hosted him for a local PGA tour event. He was just as nice, modest and gracious then as he comes across in all the profiles and stories done on him this week. I would liked to have seen him win just to see a nice guy finish first. But you have to give Cabrera credit. He recovered from a horrible approach shot on 18 to par the hole and survive into a playoff.

That's the great thing about sports. You can predict the predictable. But you can't predict the events that leave us with the greatest memories and keep us glued to or pacing in front of the television.

Plus, the Braves swept. All good in my 'hood.

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tres_arboles said...

"...was without a doubt the best college hockey game I have ever seen."

That's because you missed Oberlin-Dennison, January 1982 in which tres_arboles scored his first collegiate goal as a freshman left winger! Nevermind we lost 18-4 (and the turnaround game the next morning by a 12-3 count). I has so many beers that night I don't even remember the second game.

Best, David