Thursday, May 14, 2009

Game 7: The Aftermath


Well, last night's Game 7 between the Caps and Penguins ended up having all the suspense and excitement of an episode of the Superman television series from the 1950s. After Sidney Crosby score the Pens' second goal, and then Craig (who?) Adams scored eight seconds later, I thought the Caps had as much of a chance to come back and win as Superman did getting killed by a villain who forgot to bring his kryptonite to battle the man of steel. The Caps turned in the worst performance I have ever seen by a team in a Game 7.

Truthfully, the Pens outplayed the Caps over the entire series. Not even the officiating, which was unusually picky and one-sided for an NHL playoff series, can count among the Caps' excuses. Pittsburgh played harder, smarter and more consistently. Forget the eight million shots they put on Simeon Varlamov and, during his Game 7 cameo, Jose Theodore. The Pens defended their goalie very well, gave the Caps nothing down low, where few of their forwards fared to venture and controlled the neutral zone. And, no, Sidney Crosby did not "outplay" Alex Ovechkin. They were both great. Crosby has a complete team around him; Ovechkin does not, and that will be an issue that the Caps will face in the off-season.

The best team won. No doubt. Good luck to the Pens in the next round.

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